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20 Amp PWM

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30 Amp PWM


Warranty for all PWM's



A RMA (Return Merchandise Approval) number must be obtained from Hydrogen Boost Now prior to returning any item. (Just send us an Email)

The part must be returned to us with a tracking number before a replacement will be shipped out.
(USPS can ship 1 PWM for about $4.00)

Buyer must place the Paypal info or at least there name and address in the box so we know who you are.

After 90 days warranty is limited to replacement of the product only.

Warranty does not cover misuse of this product.

Warranty does not cover improper installation, such as mounting the unit too close to a heat source like the exhaust manifold or radiator,

Warranty does not cover connecting the positive and negative terminals incorrectly to the battery.

Warranty does not cover connecting to a load larger then the rated amount. (IE 40 amp PWM is 60 amps).

if product was defective we can refund all of you money + your shipping charges and or replace the unit

The choice of refund or replacement is up to the buyer.


EFIE's can not be returned

All cells can be returned up to 90 days if they are defective only

All other products warranty is stated on the individual page.



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