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Stanley Meyer




Runs on Water 1995

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Stanley Meyer
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Ravi's Replication
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Stanley Meyer


News Flash 9-22-2014
We have confirmed reports that the Stanley Meyers
High Efficiency Electrolysis Technology Has been replicated !

The high voltage circuit produces 20,000V and the replication is based on a twin core design

The replication was made possible by the finding of the Stanley Meyers Estate Photos and the Voltage Iintencerfier Circuit .

The Photos and specifications were posted by DynoDon. (Thanks Don)


The replication was made by a small group of people on this web site http://open-source-energy.org

The VIC has already been sent to others so more than one person has all of the information needed to make the VIC and the Stanley Meyers system

If you want to see some of the information on the estate please try this web site http://www.globalkast.com

We do not have all of the information on how to make the VIC unit yet but when we do we will post it here for all to see.

We will update this page as information becomes available.


1-20-2015...... (V2) Prototype boards for the Voltage Iintencerfier Circuit are for sale


Note: No working systems for sale as of 1-20-2015




Should be a good year for Hydrogen





Stanley Meyer was one of the most important inventors since Nicola Tesla. He was the first inventor to advance High Efficiency Electrolysis Technology to it's perfection, including running a car completely on tap water!


That's right....

Contrary to what you have been told, we don't need gas at all.

All of our cars could be running on water as the primary fuel. Stanley did it in 1998 before he conveniently died of food poisoning!

He also made some very advanced prototypes, like the hydrogen fuel injector..
This solved all of the problems that traditional electrolysis had and he did all of this while using very little current in his electrolysis process.

Some have said that Stanley Meyer was a fraud and tried to discredit him but in the last few years, others have been able to replicate his basic prototype like Dave Lawton, Ravi and others. To date, his basic prototype has been replicated on three different continents. All were very efficient and achieved what some would call "over-unity".

The bottom line is that we were lied to in school when they taught us that you can't use electrolysis to make enough hydrogen to power your car and drive it down the road.

Others have made a car run on water like Daniel Dingle. Link to You Tube video of Daniel Dingle

As of 2007, most of Stanley Myer's patents have expired and many all over the world are now trying to reproduce his prototypes, including Hydrogen Boost Now. Soon...in 1-5 years, gas will be obsolete like it should be and the human race will no longer have to pay for energy at mini-bar prices.

The first step has already been made. For example, the series cell that we are using in the Clean Cell produces monatomic hydrogen which carries more energy than regular hydrogen. It's also more efficient than standard electrolysis.

Although the series cell is not Stanley's idea, it does work and is easy to produce in mass quantities.

Next is the resonance drive cell by Bob Boyce. This cell is 2-3 times more efficient than the cells produced today and could possibly run a car on water alone.

Eventually, we will know enough about high efficiency electrolysis to re-create Stanley Meyer's cell which has one big advantage..it uses regular tap water! No other additives are needed. Today, most boosters need some kind of additive to make the water conduct electricity better like baking soda or KOH (acid).

Next would be the hydrogen fuel injector that Stanley made years ago. This might take some time to re-create.

Luckily, we don't need to use any advanced technology just to get better gas mileage. The new M-4 and the M-8 can help some people get as much as 50-100 mpg+

If you want to know more about Stanley Meyer, here are some links or just do a Google search.

You Tube Video of Stanley's car that ran on water

Some of Stanley's patents

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For more info go to The water fuel cell web page







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