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High Performance Spark Plugs


Now you can increase your gas mileage, reduce harmful tailpipe emissions and maximize engine performance simply by using better spark plugs.

There are several companies NOW that are making spark plugs that can improve your gas mileage by as much as 5-20% and increase engine performance.

The best spark plug by far is the Firestorm Spark Plug invented by Robert Krupa, the same guy who made the first split fire spark plug. Some people said they got a 30-40% increase in gas mileage with these spark plugs.
Unfortunately, these will not become available until some time in 2008.

Until Firestorms become available, here are some of the other choices that are available Now.

Just click on the links to find out more.

(1) Brisk spark plugs....They make several different spark plugs.
(2) The Sonic Spark Plug..... Pretty cool idea.
(3) The Halo spark plug...These are the ones we buy.
(4) Info Firestorm spark plugs........
   Great You tube video... Firestorm spark plugs

Feel free to send us email and tell your story on how much improvement you got from using these spark plugs and we will post the info here.
............... webmaster@hydrogenboostnow.com ........

These seem to work best on vehicles that are inefficient to start with like big trucks, but they can also help small cars too.

Hydrogen Boost Now will cary Firestorm Spark Plugs when they become available.






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