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Electronics & Parts

65 Amp PWM

Freq Adjustable

120 Amp PWM !

Now With Automatic
Variable Output Control (VOC)

Scan Gauge

A must have


Smart O2 Monitor
U-Build It Kit

Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge


Assembled EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better Gas Mileage

Replace the
Computer Chip
In Your Car


Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge

Fully Assembled


Better Spark Plugs

30 Amp PWM


                      Our Solid State Relay




This is Our 100 amp
Solid State Relay



Solid state relays are hard to find and are expensive
We found a good deal on this part so Now everyone can now afford the benefits of having a solid state part instead of a standard relay

Mechanical relays can fail after continues use this relay should last for years without failing

This unit has a isolated DC control input to switch a Mosfet which can control loads up to 100 amps at 30 VDC.. Will not work with AC


* Voltage 0-30v
* Load current .02-100
* Maximum on state resistance .0035 Ohms
* Maximum on state voltage drop .35 Volts
* Maximum turn on time .5 ms
* Maximum turn off time .5 ms
* Maximum surge of current 240 Amps (10 ms)

   Input specifications:

* Control voltage 3 to 32 VDC
* Control current 32 mA max
* Minimum turn off voltage 1 VDC


100 Amp Solid State Relay

Only $69.95 

This part will not be shipped UPS ground or with a tracking number unless requested.
If you are not in the USA, please call or email us before you place an order.

Note: When ordering you do not need to have a PayPal account.
Shipping in the USA is Free. Just enter 0 for shipping charges.
Once we have verified payment, we will ship your purchase immediately.
Please allow 7 to 15 days for delivery.

Back ordered products will take longer.
This product comes from out of the country and can take up to 4 weeks when back ordered.








Economy Cell


Booster Kit

In stock
Pro Map Manipulator

Adjust your MAP and/
or your MAF

Back ordered

The M-2 Booster

Easy to install

In stock

The M-4 Booster

In stock
The Extreme

M-8 Booster

In stock

8 Gauge Wire

In stock
4 Gauge
Install Kit

With 120 amp

In stock

65 or 120 amp
Mosfet Transistors

Don't send any more Mosfets to Mosfet heaven

In stock

100 amp Solid
State Relay

Should last forever
Very hard to find

Back ordered

12 Volt Solenoid

Stainless steel

In stock
02 Extender

Fix that check engine light
Get better gas mileage

In stock
1-3 PSI Vacuum Switch

3 amp rated
gold contacts

In stock



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