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The Smart
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A "Smart Fuel Mixture Display"

The Smart Fuel Mixture Display is for most all Fuel injected Cars.
Simply connect it to your O2 sensor to get a visual display of how rich or lean your car or truck is running.

This new `smart version has a few additional touches such as auto dimming for night driving, emergency lean-out alarm, and better circuit protection.

Another great feature is the `dancing display which operates when the ECU is operating in closed loop. Closed loop means that the air/fuel ratio is optimum for fuel economy and emission performance.

Kit supplied with PCB and all electronic components.
Will work on 92 and newer cars and trucks. (OBDI and OBDII).
Will work on cars with voltage as the MAP and Oxy sensor signals. (most cars)

Will NOT WORK on Freq Adjusted MAP and Oxygen Sensors





Build IT Yourself Kit with ABS Box

Only $69.95

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