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Digital EFIE

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Tuning Your HHO System


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Affordable $89.00
Window Mount Scanner

Easy to Use and Install


This OBD2 Scanner can read up to 75 gauges from your OBD2 port including:

(O2) Sensor Voltage for all O2 sensors (including Wide Band sensors)

(MAP) and/or (MAF) sensor
(IAT) Intake Air Temp sensor
(MPG) Instantaneous gas mileage.... All at the same time!


Using the above 4 gauges can help you tune your car for HHO.


Just plug the scanner into your OBD2 port

stick it on the window and you're ready to go!



This scanner can show up to 18 gauges on 3 windows.
Six gauges can be shown on each window.
There are 3 buttons on the back to change windows.




Max Scanner
US units
USA shipping

Only $89.95+
$4.75 Shipping


World Wide Shipping

Max Scanner
Metric units

Only $99.95+
$14.95 Shipping


No Returns on this item

Scaner is tested before shipping

* How to set up the gauge *


The menu button is the left button on the back.

The other two are Up and Down.


Do not start the car.

(1) Plug in the gauge to the OBD2 port and turn the key to run

(2) The gauge will ask you how large your gas tank is and your motor size.

(3) Use the Up and Down button to choose and Menu button to select OK.


The gauge will scan all gauges and load the default gauge pattern.


To change gauges:

Select- gauges and clear all gauges.

Select the gauges you want and name them ABCD...etc.

Only 1 gauge at a time can be called A or B or C.

You can pic up to 18 gauges, 6 on each page.


We used these gauges:


A= Instantaneous fuel mileage

B= Timing

C= Bank 1 O2 # 1 ....(front left O2 sensor)


E= Bank 2 O2 #1 .....(Front right O2 sensor)

F= Intake manifold temp (IAT)


To rotate through the gauges that you see..
Press and hold the Down button for 2 seconds.


The windows are labeled like this



Note: The manufacturer has a 45 page PDF to show you how to use this gauge.

Most of this you do not need.


The manufacturer also has a rebate of $9.00.

This was the hardest rebate I have ever filled out.
Don't waste you time.... A roadside DWI test is easier.


This scanner has trip mileage, alarms, all kinds of stuff, but for a quick setup
all you need to know is how large your gas tank is,
motor size, and how to get into the menu and change pages.


Tuning your vehicle


Most use a EFIE and/or a MAP

to make adjustments to their vehicle. This is the most cost effective

way to tune your vehicle, but you will have to cut wires.


EFIE: Adds voltage to the O2 sensor.

This prevents the (ECU) from thinking it's too lean and can make small changes to the air fuel mixture.

MAP Enhancer: When connected to the (MAP sensor) Is Used to make large changes to the air fuel mixture


MAP Enhancer: When used on the (IAT) is used to adjust the timing.
This is not needed most of the time.


Some re-flash the ECU using a hand held programmer

like the Bully Dog, Predator, Edge or the SCT programmer.


The Bully Dog is one of the best Programmers

and will allows you to make some changes while you are driving,

Most other Programmers do not.


We recommend for everyone to re-flash (Reprogram) the ECU if you can.


Reprogramming will give most a 1-3 MPG gain even without a booster.

This will also improve shift points and the timing curve.

See Computer controls for more info


Reprogramming is very easy to do but most Programmers

will only give you 1- 3 preset tunes from the manufacturer.

Economy, Performance, Towing.


You will need to try all three to see which one works best


Some advanced ECU programming tools will let you change the fuel curve yourself.

This is very hard to do and only advanced users should try this method.



More on tuning



This is a PIC of the scanner connected to my F-150


Looks like 1 of the O2 sensors is low on voltage.... but it's not.

This sensor varies between .14V and .72V.. This is normal.

The computer takes the average and decides if the truck is too lean or too rich.

The peak value is what you want to know.


I looked at my rear O2 sensors and they showed .68V

This suggests that everything is working fine.


You want the rear O2 sensor to have a slightly lower peak voltage than the peak voltage on the front O2 sensor.


After I turned on my Very Large HHO booster,

both peak numbers dropped to less than .5V


This tells the computer that I am lean...

We do not want this.


Adding an EFIE to the front O2 sensors will fix this

so that the computer will not think it's too lean


Certain vehicles will learn to ignore the O2 sensor

and make adjustments automatically

Some will not.


Some just disconnect the O2 sensor altogether.

This does work on some cars, but you will get a check engine light.


If you have a small Hydrogen Booster on your vehicle
most people will not need to make any adjustments at all.


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