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We, at Hydrogen Boost Now do not guarantee that you will get any specific amount of fuel mileage improvement by using our products. We do not want to get sued and there are many who would love to see us go out of business. All information on this page should be considered hearsay and not fact.


Now with that said...

 As of 12-15-07, information on fuel mileage improvement with the M-4 and the M-8 is just now starting to come in and it's all good news.
Remember that the M-4 and M-8 are brand new and we have never had any boosters that are capable of producing so much hydrogen as these new units.

We expect and are getting major MPG increases with the release of the new M-4 and M-8 high volume boosters.

As an example:
The M-4 can make up to 2 liters of HHO per minute. The M-8 can make as much as 6 liters of HHO per minute.
Most of the older boosters we sold produced 1-1.5 liters of HHO per minute and there were lots of reports of gas mileage improvement of 30-50%. Now we are expecting to reach as much as 60-100% improvement in some cars and trucks with these new high output boosters.

In order to achieve the best possible gas mileage, some cars will need to use the EFIE or MAP device. This will prevent your on-board computer from trying to inject more gasoline than you need.
Most cars and trucks will need this. If you do not achieve the results that you were expecting, you might want to try these devices.

Furthermore, we now recommend better spark plugs like the Halo spark plug. This will improve your gas mileage at a reasonable cost to the consumer. Even if you only gain 1-3 MPG with these spark plugs, they will pay for themselves in a very short time.

Right now, most all cars are responding very well to our new boosters.
The Saturn is responding exceptionally well to boosting and there is one report of achieving 80-100 MPG using our booster on this vehicle!

All diesels seem to respond very well to boosting. A 30-60% improvement in MPG is not uncommon.
Large gasoline motors, 6 - 7 liters are the hardest ones to achieve a major improvement in MPG.
The worst report so far is about a 15% improvement in gas mileage and this was with an older booster.
We expect to do much better than this with these new, high-output boosters.

We think you should expect a 30-60% improvement in gas mileage! Right now, that seems to be the norm.

When we start reprogramming or replacing the onboard computers in automobiles in 2008, we will have full control over the gas mileage and performance that vehicles achieve. At that time we expect to achieve 50-70 MPG with smaller cars and 30-45 MPG with a full size V-8!

Right now, the hot ticket is 1 M-4 or M-8 booster, 1 set of Halo spark plugs, and 1 EFIE or MAP device.

Now, some of the first reports to come in. Most of the reports will be posted in the testimonial section. The names were changed to protect the innocent.

Hi, my name is Mike Perry.
I have just installed the M-4 booster in my 1999 Dodge 1 ton diesel pickup. This truck used to get pretty bad mileage, about 12-13 MPG. I have had the M-4 installed for about two weeks now and I can't believe the difference it has made. The motor runs much smoother and it has better pulling power and the mileage has almost doubled! I now get 17-20 MPG! Thanks Hydrogen Boost Now. I would have never believed something so small could make such a difference. Say thanks to Dan for talking me into buying the M-4............ HYDROGEN WORKS.


Tony from NY wrote,

"My 2000 Kia now drives like a sports car and even idles smoother since I got your Hydrogen Booster.
The mileage improved from 22 MPG in the city to 35 MPG using distilled water. I love driving my car again, it’s not tired anymore.”

Further reports will be posted in the testimonial section. Here is a short list of some of the results so far.

2000 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 Magnum V-8. 19.5 MPG was 12.7
1990 Chevy truck 50% improvement
1999 Saturn 83 MPG
1991 Ford Ranger 17 mpg to 28 mpg
Two cylinder Citroen 91 mpg
Dodge Durango 79% improvement
Mercedes 300 turbo diesel 47% improvement
2001 Chrysler mini-van 38% improvement
Porshe 924 65% improvement
2001 Neon 12 MPG improvement..............More soon.

Feel free to send us email and tell your story on how much improvement you got from using our boosters.
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