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No Amp Gauge

40 Amp
Constant Current

Without Amp Gauge

100 Amp Relay!


with amp gauge
2 cooling fans
frequency adjustable

No Constant


Free Shipping


35 amp


with fan

New low price


Is This You?

40 AMP
Constant Current

Can Be Preset
For any Current Level From 10-40 Amps

Can Also Be Adjusted By The End User


Basic 50 Amp PWM
With Frequency Adjust

New low Price


Mini Amp Gauge

With 100 Amp Shunt

New Lower Price

Only $29.95

Green Only


30 Amp PWM

For Small Cells

USA Oil Policy

Dual Edge MAP Enhancer


Inexpensive MAP

Used for leaning out your vehicle







Most people with small HHO cells
do not need a MAP enhancer, but people
with larger HHO cells or those who just want to adjust
their Air Fuel Ratio can do so with a simple MAP.


This is a simple device that just adds resistance to the MAP or MAF

(Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor)


Simple to use

(1) City..Adjust by using the left knob

(2) Highway..Adjust by using the right knob

(3) City - Highway Switch..Switches between the two

(4) Off.. Returns the sensor to stock settings (original)




You need to cut the MAP sensor wire to install this device.

Instructions are included.

This MAP will work on most cars and trucks older than 2006

that use an analog MAP sensor.


Some 2006 and newer cars and some Japanese cars might
have a frequency modulated MAP sensor (Wide Band).
This MAP will not work on those vehicles.


To find out what sensor you have, call Auto Zone
and price a new MAP. Ask if it is Wide Band or Analog.



Dual Edge
MAP Enhancer

Free shipping
if bought with any order larger than $99.00

Only $25.95

Dual Edge
MAP Enhancer

Individual item

With USA shipping

Only $29.95

World Wide Shipping

Dual Edge
MAP Enhancer
Individual item

Only $25.95+
$15.95 shipping



International orders must pay for shipping on at least 1 item.

No returns on this item once installed

We cannot sell used MAPS


This MAP works great with a Scan Tool such as the scanner shown below.

This scanner will show your O2 sensor voltage, MAP PSI, instantaneous MPG,

plus many more gauges.

Note: Adjusting the MAP might make the MPG show the wrong number.



Now there is an App for that....

Software to read your O2 sensor and instantaneous MPG



Also Available:

40 Amp Constant
Current PWM Without
Amp Gauge
40 Amp Constant
Current PWM With
Onboard Current
40 Amp Constant
Current PWM With
Onboard Current
Adjustment And
Amp Gauge























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