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                      Maintenance of Your Clean Cell




Concerned About Maintenance?


Don't worry, it's easy.

Periodic maintenance is necessary to keep your clean cell functioning properly.

During the first 30 days, your Clean Cell goes through a break-in period. It is recommended to change the water (electrolyte) once.

(1) Simply remove the lower hose of the Clean Cell and drain the electrolyte into a plastic bucket.

(2) Your water reservoir should be empty. To empty your water reservoir, start the vehicle with the lower hose removed.The automatic water fill will empty the water tank.

(3) Reconnect the lower hose.

(4) Mix together 2 cups of distilled water with 2 ounces of KOH in a plastic container. Read the instructions on the label.

This should give you a 15% mixture. Add electrolyte to your empty water reservoir.

(5) Start the vehicle and wait for the automatic water fill to pump the electrolyte into the Clean Cell.

(6) After about one minute, the water reservoir will be completely empty. Turn off the vehicle and refill the water reservoir with distilled water.

That's it, you're all done.

Repeat this procedure once a year.


Your Clean Cell requires some kind of electrolyte in order to make the distilled water conduct electricity. You have several electrolyte choices. Listed in the order we prefer......

(1) KOH 10-15%

KOH is Potassium Hydroxide, it is commonly used because it is easy to dissolve (used for making soap).

Link to buy KOH  $7.00

(2) Vinegar (white vinegar 5% acid)

(3) Baking Soda (this will plug up your cell). You will need to clean your cell every month.

We recommend using (KOH) because this is not used in the electrolysis process and only needs to be added once. Sodium hydroxide can also be used, but will shorten the life span of your cell and does get used in the electrolysis process.

You can use vinegar, but you'll have to continually add vinegar to your water tank (white vinegar 5% acid).


Remember, some of these are acids similar to battery acid. Always wear protective goggles and rubber gloves when performing maintenance to your Clean Cell. Try not to spill any electrolyte on the paint.

You can add a drain valve to the lower hose when you install your Clean Cell to make this easier. Just make sure it is plastic and chemical resistant.

Trouble Shooting

In the event that your Clean Cell stops performing properly, check all of the connections first.

Use a VOM to check if 12 volts is getting to the cell. If not, you might have a bad relay or fuse.

KOH will keep the inside of your cell nice and clean but in the event that your cell stopped performing and it's not the electronics, you can try this.

(1) Disconnect the positive wire from the cell.

(2) Drain the electrolyte from your cell by removing lower hose.

(3) Start the vehicle and wait for the water reservoir to empty itself.

(4) Reconnect the lower hose.

(5) Add 2 cups of CLR and 1 cup distilled water to the water reservoir or until the cell is full of CLR.

(6) Start the engine and wait for the automatic water fill to fill the cell.

(7) Let the vehicle sit overnight then drain out the CLR, rinse out the cell with distilled water and refill the cell with electrolyte. Reconnect the hot wire.

*Do not operate the Clean Cell with CLR as the electrolyte*















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