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                      The M-8 Clean Cell™



This Booster can help V-8's get up to 20-40 mpg.

The all new M-8 Clean Cell is in stock
and ready to ship.

Current draw = 20 - 32 amps
Normal Output = 2.5 - 3.2 LPM
Max output = 4 LPM at 40 amps
New size L=12  W=4.5  H=8
Shipping weight is over 30 LBS!
Sorry, no pics yet but feel free to call for more info.

We just completed an install on a 2002 E-250 Ford van and the MPG went from 12-14 MPG to 18-21 MPG! ....
That's a 50% increase in gas mileage!

If you want a major improvement in performance and fuel mileage the M-8 is the booster for you.

You Now have the choice to make as much HHO as you want, up to 4 LPM.

The M-8 now comes with an all new automatic shut down system.

This safety system allows the M-8 to produce hydrogen only when the engine is running.

Even if you have an accident, as soon as the engine quits, the M-8 will stop producing hydrogen. This makes these the safest boosters ever sold.

We at Hydrogen Boost Now, are proud to be selling hydrogen boosters with this feature.

The M-8 also comes with a new High-Voltage Pulsating DC Power Supply

This technology can increase the amount of monatomic hydrogen that your booster produces and increases the life span of you cell by as much as 10 times.

Monatomic hydrogen is 2-3 times more explosive than regular hydrogen.

List of standard features on the M-8 high-efficiency booster:

* 316-L internal stainless steel construction.
* Welded 316-L terminals for long life.

* NEW - Automatic shut down when engine is not running.
* New High Voltage PWM that has a 120 amp max rating and 4 gauge wire.
* Adjustable pulse width modulation control.
* 4 liter water reservoir standard, optional 6 liter reservoir.
* inductive amp meter included
* Complete installation kit included
* Universal mounting bracket included.
* Cell fittings are now Stainless Steel.
  ( Stainless Steel fittings should last for years)

* No risk, 30 day money back guarantee.
* Complete 1 year warranty.
* Installation instructions included.
* Free shipping in the lower 48 United States.  


Ready for better gas mileage, lower emissions
and increased horsepower ?

Buy the M-8 Clean Cell Today.

We, at Hydrogen Boost Now, think this is the best booster in the world.
Feel free to shop around to try and find another booster with all of these features.... there are none.

This is a complete system.

Only $1,299.95


What you get in the kit:

(1) M-8 Clean Cell with frame mounting bracket.

(1) HV- PWM rated at 120 amps with 3 feet 4 gauge wire and 6 feet of wire to run to the cell. (call if you need more wire)

(1) Inductive amp gauge 0-40 amp.

(1) 4 quart ABS water reservoir with leak proof cap.

* All hose and all the stainless steel fittings that you will need.

Shipping weight 55 LBS

Please call so we can customize the water reservoir to fit your vehicle. You can also order a custom water tank up to 15 gallons.

We recommend the MAP and an EFIE with this booster.

The M-8 Clean Cell™ will be shipped UPS ground with a tracking number.
If you are not in the USA, please call or email us before you place an order.

Note: When ordering, you do not need to have a PayPal account.
Shipping in the USA is Free. Just enter 0 for shipping charges.
Once we have verified payment, we will ship your purchase immediately.
Please allow 7 to 15 days for delivery unless back ordered.

Back ordered products can take 1-4 weeks longer.



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65 or 120 amp
Mosfet Transistors

Don't send any more Mosfets to Mosfet heaven

100 amp Solid
State Relay

Should last forever
Very hard to find

12 Volt Solenoid

Stainless steel

02 Extender

Fix that check engine light
Get better gas mileage

1-3 PSI Vacuum Switch

3 amp rated
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