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Basic Installation     

This is an example of a standard installation.

Some installations may be slightly different. Each kit comes with its own instructions.

* Mount the Clean Cell where you have room (mounting brackets included).
  The cell must be mounted below the bubbler.
   Do not mount the Clean Cell near the exhaust.

* Mount the control box or the Pulse Width Modulator someplace where it won't get wet.

* The big red and black wires connect to the car battery. Don't forget the fuse.

* The small red wire connects to the ignition switch or any 12 volt out switched wire.

* The two purple wires connect to the float sensor on the bubbler.
   You can connect these either way.

* The blue and black wires connect to the water pump. The blue wire is positive.

* The red and black wires without a fuse connect to the Clean Cell.

* You must mount the bubbler above the Clean Cell.

* Connect the vacuum line to the intake manifold without a check valve (vacuum tee is included).
   (The Clean Cell won't operate without the engine running)

* Connect the HHO output line to just above the throttle body.
   You will need to drill a small hole in the plastic tube above the throttle body.
   Be careful not to get any plastic shavings in the throttle body.
   Exact size of the hole will depend on what booster you purchased.

* If you have an 02 extender, EFIE or MAP device, don't install these until after
   you have installed your booster.

* If you want to install a bypass switch, connect it to the small red wire after the ignition.

* Fill with electrolyte using KOH at a 10-15% concentration
to do this mix 20oz of KOH with 1 gal of distilled water
only fill the cell with electrolyte (about 1 cup for a M-4)













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