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30 amp PWM


30 Amp PWM


This is our new 30 amp Max PWM with a fan
for boosters that draw less than 25 amps.


Over 300 Sold

By using a PWM (Pulse Width Modulator), your hydrogen booster will run cooler and make more monoatomic hydrogen than with just using direct current alone.

Monoatomic hydrogen has greater ability to increase fuel mileage than regular hydrogen (diatomic).


This little PWM will reduce the current draw of most boosters and also help your booster to run cooler and make more monoatomic hydrogen than using 12 VDC alone.

Recomended for cells that use less than 25 amps
(9-12 plate dry cell)

If your cell uses 30 amps please buy the 35 HD PWM


* Rated for 40+ amps peak 20-25 amps RMS.

* Fully adjustable pulse width from 0 - 100%.

* Two 80 amp (peak) mosfets and two heat sinks.

* Voltage 12/24 VDC. (fan is rated for 12-18 VDC)

* Output frequency is preset at approximately 100 HZ.

* Circuit board size = 3.85" x 1.59"

* Circuit board has extra thick traces to improve current flow.

Circuit diagram
Fan, knob, (4) spade connectors and (2) ring connectors

ABS Box is not Included

Plenty in stock
Free shipping in the USA

Only $49.95

Only $39.95 with fan

Lot of 3 PWM's with fan

Only $110.00

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30 amp Max PWM
with Box and Fan


We now have PWM's for your Hydrogen Generator
mounted in a fan cooled enclosure,
ready to install.



  This PWM kit contains:

1) 30 amp Max PWM Unit MX066

2) Black ABS Plastic Enclosure 4.7" x 3."x 2.2"
with mounting flange

3) Cooling Fan 60mm x 10mm Ball Bearing Fan

4) Easy to adjust knob and gradiant dial

5) Circuit diagram (4) spade connectors and (2) ring connectors


30 amp Max PWM with box and fan

Now Only $59.95

With free shipping

Lot of 3 PWM's with Box and Fan

Only $150.00 or $49.99 each

Free shipping in the USA



You will need to connect the wires yourself. To do this,
unmount the board by removing the two screws and the pot retaining nut to make the connections to the PWM.

To connect the PWM, just feed the wires through the large holes in the back of the box. Connect the two power wires to the outside spade connectors making sure the + wire goes to the + spade on the PWM and connect the HHO generator to the inside two spade connectors.

Chrome fan grill is included.
Wire and relay not included.

This unit is fully tested and ready to be installed.

Guaranteed No DOA
30 day warranty


Shipping Time: 1 week

This PWM will be shipped USPS without a tracking number.
If you are not in the USA, please call to place an order.

Note: When ordering you do not need to have a PayPal account
Shipping in the continental US is free
Just enter 0 for shipping charges



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