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(1) Hydrogen is less flammable than gasoline.
The self-ignition temperature of hydrogen is 550 degrees Celsius. Gasoline varies from 228-501 degrees Celsius, depending on the grade.

(2) Hydrogen disperses quickly. Being the lightest element (fifteen times lighter than air), hydrogen rises and spreads out quickly in the atmosphere. So when a leak occurs, the hydrogen gas quickly becomes so sparse that it cannot burn. Even when ignited, hydrogen burns upward, and is quickly consumed.

By contrast, materials such as gasoline and diesel vapors, as well as natural gas, are heavier than air, and will not disperse, remaining a flammable threat for much longer.

(3) Hydrogen is non-toxic. Hydrogen is a naturally-occurring element in the atmosphere. By comparison, all petroleum fuels are asphyxiates, and are poisonous to humans.

(4) Hydrogen combustion produces only water. When pure hydrogen is burned in pure oxygen, only pure water is produced. Granted, thatís an ideal scenario, in any case, when a hydrogen engine burns, it actually cleans the ambient air by completing combustion of the unburned hydrocarbons that surround us. Compared with the toxic compounds (carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrogen sulfide) produced by petroleum fuels, the products of hydrogen burning are much safer.

The Most Important Fact Of All.....
(5) Hydrogen can be produced more efficiently than what scientists and schools have told us.

The Faraday law of efficiency was incorrect.... This has been proven by inventors such as Stanley Meyer, Daniel Dingle, Bob Boyce and Dave Lawton, all of whom performed high-efficiency electrolysis which produced hydrogen and oxygen more efficiently than Faraday's law said was possible.

Bob Boyce's high efficiency electrolysis device is known to produce hydrogen and oxygen at a rate six to seven times higher than Faraday's law of efficiency suggests is possible.......Some info is available on these forums.OUpower.com

Stanley Meyer's high-efficiency electrolysis device was known to produce hydrogen and oxygen at up to 10 times the efficiency rate of what Faraday's law said was possible.
You tube video link or just do a Google search.

Daniel Dingle's high-efficiency electrolysis device seemed to be on par with Stanley Meyer except he was using a sealed series cell that was very efficient. Too bad his government told him that he is not allowed to tell anybody how he made it.
You tube video link

Fact #5 is all you really need to know.

Here is a little tid bit of knowledge for you...
This technology has been around since the mid-1800's. That's right.
Back before the take off of the industrial revolution, hydrogen was used to power some of our factories, but oil and coal was cheap. Guess what? That's not true any more.
You, the consumer should realize that you have been methodically led into a money pit concerning energy and fuel.


Buy an M-4 or M-8 Booster today and don't let this happen to you.






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