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Electronic & Parts

65 Amp PWM

Freq Adjustable

120 Amp PWM !

Now With Automatic
Variable Output Control (VOC)

Scan Gauge

A must have


Smart O2 Monitor
U-Build It Kit

Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge.


Assembled EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better Gas Mileage

Replace the
Computer chip
In Your Car


Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge

Fully Assembled


Better Spark Plugs

30 Amp PWM


The 02 Extender





This little gizmo can fix your
Check Engine Light and
give you an Increase of 1-3 MPG


Sometimes simple is better.

The 02 Extender can fix your CEL light if you have increased the size of your exhaust or removed your catalytic converter.

This also works good if you have installed a Hydrogen booster and your check engine light comes on. This happens rarely but it has happened! The 02 extender is one easy fix that you can try.

Due to the fact that when using a Hydrogen Booster there is less un-burnt fuel in your exhaust, the 02 sensor sometimes will go out of the normal range that your computer is expecting. By adding an 02 Extender, un-burnt fuel has more time to be detected by your 02 sensor, thus fixing the problem.

The 02 extender can also give you 1-3 MPG improvement all by itself because your automobile will run just a little leaner with this device.

The 02 extender can also be used with a EFIE device and the Pro Map Manipulator.

Now there are three ways to enhance the effectiveness of your hydrogen booster and start polluting less while getting better gas mileage.

(1) Buy an EFIE device to trick your computer into thinking you are polluting like normal.

(2) Buy an 02 extender. This allows unburned fuel to hang out around the 02 sensor longer, so your 02 sensor won't notice that your engine is running cleaner.

(3) Buy a Pro Map Manipulator to make large changes in the amount of fuel that you use.


The 02 extender will work on ALL 02 sensors that are 18 MM any year....
Including frequency modulated sensors!

This device makes only a small difference.
If you want full control of your 02 sensor, buy a EFIE device.

 Straight 02 Extender
for most cars and trucks            


   Only $19.95


Only $44.95

 The 90" bend is only needed if the exhaust is in the way or you don't have room for the straight 02 Extender.

Please look before you buy
to see if you have room for the straight 02 Extender.


30 day money back guarantee
only if you don't install the 02 Extender.

.................. For off road use only


02 sensor


In stock

Pro Map Manipulator

Adjust your MAP and
or your MAF

Back ordered

The M-2 Booster

Easy to install

In stock

The M-4


In stock

The Extreme

M-8 Booster

In stock


8 Gauge Wire

In stock

4 gauge
Install Kit

With 120 amp

In stock

65 or 120 amp
Mosfet Transistors

Don't send any more Mosfets to Mosfet heaven

In stock

100 amp solid
state relay

Should last forever
Very hard to find
Back ordered

12 Volt Solenoid

Stainless steel

In stock

Micro Metals
T-650 Toroids

Both 52 and 24
ferrite core

non Stock

1-3 PSI Vacuum Switch

3 amp rated
gold contacts

In stock



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