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The All New Dry Cell


Coming soon in late April


This cell will replace the M-2 and M-4


Strong design and long life

This cell is made with thick 316 stainless steel that will last for years
The stainless steel we use is twice as thick as what some others are using.

This new cell comes with stainless steel fittings that won't crack like plastic fittings do.

Output is rated at 1.5-2.5 LPM depending on how many plates are used.

Some are using this cell for V-8's but we recommend it for all 4-6 cylinder engines and small diesels.

This cell has passed all of our tests and is ready to be made available for our customers.

The best thing about this cell is it costs less to make than the M-8 so Now everybody can afford a hydrogen booster.




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