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Deluxe EFIE

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Can Be Turned Off & On With Your Booster

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Scan Gauge

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The first wide band EFIE in the world

Wide Band
2 channel EFIE !

Works on imports with wide band sensors!



Basic EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better Gas Mileage

Replace the
Computer Chip
In Your Car


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40 amp PWM


Better Spark Plugs

30 Amp PWM


Deluxe Digital Amp Meter

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12 Volt Digital Amp Meter



Finally an affordable digital amp gauge that works on a 12 VDC with an isolated power supply.


Now you can keep an eye on the current level of your booster without running large wire into the passenger compartment.


This digital panel meter comes with a hundred amp shunt and once calibrated, can be accurate within one amp.


You will love the cool green display that looks great when mounted in a small plastic box or in the dashboard.


The shunt is a heavy duty 100 amp shunt with very low power loss and comes with 2 large 14mm nuts.


We recommend this shunt up to 100 amps with direct current or 75-80 amps with a PWM.



In stock

Only $29.00


1 digital amp gauge with 100 amp shunt



Lot of (2) digital amp gauges with 100 amp shunt



Lot of (3) digital amp gauge with 100 amp shunt



Use the Range adjuster to calibrate your meter.

This adjuster is fragile so be careful not to turn it too hard. If you do, it could break and is not covered by our 30 day warranty. A regular phillips head screwdriver fits just fine and if you go out of range, the meter will stop working, so just move it back to where it was before and the meter should work again.

It is best use a traditional amp gauge to help you calibrate your digital amp gauge. To do this, connect your analog amp gauge to the + wire to your cell. Turn the cell on and set the digital gauge to read the same as the analog gauge.

A handheld VOM works fine for this also but will give you a slightly lower reading because of the voltage drop across the wire and the meter. Most handheld meters are only rated for 1 minute at 20 amps, so be careful not to leave them connected for very long.

Installation instructions:

The red and black wires connect to a switch power source. (ignition switch)
The Green and Blue wires connect across the shunt and can be connected either way but it seems to be more accurate with the blue wire connected to the negative side.

The Shunt can be connected to either the + or - side, but we recommend connecting the shunt to the ground side of your system.

Face plate:

Cut a rectangular hole slightly larger than the faceplate.
.91" x 1.65"

Remove the meter from the black mounting flange and install the black mounting flange in the hole you have made.

Push the meter into the black mounting flange from the back until it snaps into place. Reconnect the plug.





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