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Deluxe EFIE

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Basic EFIE



40 Amp

Constant Current




The first wide band EFIE in the world

Wide Band
2 channel EFIE !

Works on imports with wide band sensors!



Basic EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better Gas Mileage

Replace the
Computer Chip
In Your Car


Re-Flash Your ECU




Better Spark Plugs

30 Amp PWM


4 Channel Digital EFIE

* NEW *


World's First
4 Channel Digital EFIE


Now all EFIE's cost less here
than when you buy them from the manufacturer


This EFIE works better than any EFIE we have ever tested!



The Quad Digital EFIE is the first of a new family of digital EFIE products. These new EFIE's will allow you to lean out your vehicle more than any other EFIE.

This new EFIE can be used for all narrow band oxygen sensors that are upstream and downstream of the catalytic converter.

This EFIE can be used on most American cars and trucks.


Advantages Of The Digital EFIE


(1) Can make the air fuel mix leaner than a standard EFIE:
Some have even stalled their engine when they set it too lean.

(2) Absolutely rock steady adjustment:
No matter what the ambient temperature is, this EFIE will vary less than 1/2 of 1%.

(3) Will work with older"tired" oxygen sensors that should have been replaced.

(4) Startup delay:
This EFIE has a 45 second startup delay so the EFIE will not lean out your engine during startup.

(5) One adjustment knob:
Modifies both sensors equally.

(6) Built in relay:
Restores the original connection when turned off or powered down.

If you need to treat sensors that are downstream from a catalytic converter, this is the EFIE you need.

The rear sensors are analog (not digital).


Only $95.00

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4 channel
Digital EFIE
with free shipping


Lot of (2)
4 channel
Digital EFIE's
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4 channel
Digital EFIE

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30 day money back guarantee

Detailed installation instructions included



Basic wire diagram below.




























































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