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to re-flash if you can

In the past, it was not necessary to reprogram the computer on your automobile. Most of the time, you could install a hydrogen booster and the computer would make adjustments that would allow you to achieve better gas mileage, lower emissions and better performance. 

With the introduction of high-output hydrogen boosters, we have the opportunity to achieve better gas mileage and lower emissions than ever before. Unfortunately, there are some vehicles whose computer controls make adjustments that work against the greater efficiency that a hydrogen booster provides. Programmers such as Predator, Bully Dog, and Diablo allow you to reprogram your computer's chip so that you can achieve the best fuel efficiency possible with your hydrogen booster.

The most common vehicles on the road can be reprogrammed.

Luckily, automobile manufacturers use the same computer chip in many different vehicles, so one chip could fit as many as 5-20 different automobiles.

Here are the basics...

Scenario one.

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) of an automobile can be reprogrammed with a more efficient curve that will take advantage of the added fuel from a hydrogen booster. This can be done with tuning software and a programmer, which are readily available but may be expensive for newer cars.
Most cars can be programmed using a laptop computer or a programmer via the OBD-2 port. Some vehicles will need to have the chip (ECU) removed and reprogrammed.

Scenario two.

Some ECU's cannot be reprogrammed. They will need to be replaced. This used to be difficult, but now reprogrammable chips are available from a company called Moates and many others. A ECU can be removed from the vehicle and replaced with a new chip that can be programmed (flashed). Then tuning software can be used. Tuning software uses a bin file called a definition file. This is the file that needs to be re-written in order to reflash the chip with a more efficient curve which will take full advantage of a hydrogen booster.
Definition files for hydrogen boosting have not been written yet.

Scenario three.

Moates and others now sell a plug-in module which will by-pass the existing ECU in some vehicles. This is called a piggyback. The new modules are easy to program and allow you to use tuning software like Tuner Pro or Tuner Cat. Major modifications do not need to be made to the vehicle.

Scenario four.

Just use a Map device and a EFIE to control the information that the ECU receives. This works pretty well and can be removed if you sell your vehicle. Unfortunately, this will not work on all vehicles.

Here is a link to Autozone so you can find the wiring for your car.

* Locate your car, year, make and model.
* Select "Repair Info" at the left side of the screen.
* Then select, "Vehicle Repair Guides" -> Chassis Electrical -> Wiring Diagrams


Diesels respond very well to boosting and most likely will not need to have their computers reprogrammed.


We were surprised to find out that it is legal to reprogram your ECU in most states so long as it does not operate out of closed loop mode.

Reprogramming will lead to lower emissions, which also could help to prevent global warming.
It's not uncommon for automobiles with a hydrogen booster to produce as little as 50%-75% of the emissions that they did before a booster was installed.

For now....
The easiest thing to do is to buy an EFIE device and/or a Map. These work on most vehicles and can allow you to attain higher efficiency without having to reprogram your onboard computer.

These devices are fairly easy to install and are easy to adjust.
For more info, click on EFIE or Map.


This device is for your MAP sensor and your Manifold sensor

An O2 monitor is fairly easy to install and gives you a visual representation of how rich or lean your automobile is running. This is not necessary, but can help when adjusting your EFIE and/or MAP.

Assembled EFIE
This recalibrates your O2 signal so that the ECU will not notice that you are using less fuel. Some have achieved better mileage by just unplugging the O2 sensor all together and using a MAP device.

The  02 Extender
This Tricks the O2 sensor to allow you to run a slightly leaner fuel mixture.. Will work on all cars and trucks but only makes a small difference


Free software



Ford Mustang

Tuner Cat

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A Piggy Back




Pro Map Manipulator

02 Extender

45 degree bend
02 Extender

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