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Re-Chipping Your Car or Truck


We do not have chips available for hydrogen boosting yet, but in 2008 this will be one of our goals.
There are chips made for most cars and trucks now, but they are not programmed for hydrogen boosting. This will have to be done by the end users like you and me and maybe some speed shops.

Most automobiles do not need reprogramming to get better gas mileage but now that high volume boosters such as the M-4 and M-8 have become available to the public, the advantage of re-chipping will become more necessary as we try to achieve 60-100 MPG.

For now, we can use devices like the EFIE to trick the computer into letting us get better gas mileage. However, some cars and trucks will need to have the computer controls reprogrammed to take full advantage of the hydrogen booster and to achieve the best gas mileage possible.

Hydrogen Boost Now will continue to provide information on the newest electronic devices available. We will be programming chips in 2008 and posting all of the information as it becomes available.

If you want to learn more about re-chipping, here is a link to one of the leading re-chipping manufacturers in the country. These guys are really good and have all kinds of products (mostly older cars, pre 2002).

The company is called Moates. They have a new device for GM products that can be plugged into the wiring harness without having to remove the old chip or having to re-flash the stock chip! This device by-passes the on board computer and is easily reprogrammed.
More soon as we decide what to use in our own trucks.

If you are re-chipping or re-flashing for boosting and want to help, please e-mail us at webmaster@hydrogenboostnow.com

Here is the link for Moates.......


Moates has a piggy back unit that will work on most ECU's on older cars and trucks.

All further information will be posted in the Computer Controls section on our web site as it becomes available.

Computer Controls

Here is another link to a lot more links with more info on ECU's: Don's auto Links

Here is what we are trying.Tunercat .. They have what is called called tuning software.
They have a free download if you want to see the software they sell......More info soon.





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