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Deluxe PWM

30 Amp Max

with fan

Will Run Most Small Cells

Only $59.95

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Heavy Duty
35 Amp PWM
With Box And Fan

Can Make 2-3

Only $79.00
Now Only $69.00

Free Shipping
In The USA

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50 amp PWM

With Digital Amp Gauge


100 amp Shunt Included and
2 Quiet Fans


Only $179.00

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12-24 Volt
Heavy Duty

50 Amp PWM with Frequency Adjustment


Very Strong and Easy to Mount

Only $139.00

Now Only

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30 Amp PWM


Only $49.00
Now Only

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Over 700 Sold


Heavy Duty
35 Amp PWM
With fan


35 Amp HD-PWM with fan

Only $69.00
Now Only $39.95



Lower Price

50 Amp PWM
With 2 Fans

30 Day
Warranty And
Free Shipping
In The USA

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Made In USA Inductive Amp Gauge

Just hold it over the wire



Don't Let This
Happen To You

Buy a Hydrogen Booster Today



Amp Alternators

This is how you get 30-50 MPG
with a full size V-8

Do you want a large alternator
or a large fuel bill ?





Link to buy KOH



The USA Oil



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New 8-1-2011

40 amp Constant Current
Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)





We now have 6 different PWMs to fill almost every HHO enthusiast needs

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Only $99.95


PWM's are a must have for any HHO cell

40 amp
Constant Current PWM
Without Amp Gauge
Only $79.00



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The Brick Cells Are Here 


All New


Brick Cells Are Here!

High Output Strong Construction

In Stock


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Need more than 1 PWM?

Call or Leave E-mail










Constant Current
Preset PWM

This Pulse Width Modulator can be preset at any current level between 15 and 40 amps
or set by the end user.

* 40 amp output
* Remote power on
* No relay needed
* Frequency adjustment

* 90 day warranty  
* International shipping
* With or without Logo

In Stock Now
Now Only

4 or more
Only $69.00

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24 Volt

40 Amp

Constant Current
Pulse Width Modulator

With Heavy Duty 24Volt Fan


Now with Silk Screen Box
(No) Hydrogen Boost logo

Only $84.95

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*New 2012*

OBD2 Scanner

See your current
Gas Mileage!

O2 Sensor Voltage
MAP voltage
On Your Android Phone!

Only $39.95

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Free Software
Thats work great

*New 2012*

WiFi Scanner
For I-Phone

Transmits Your Current
MPG to your I-phone!

Only $79.95

Call or Email Us

Software is not included
but there is a free demo
Full version is $39.00

Basic EFIE
Trick Your O2 Sensor

Works on (1) O2 sensor
New Lower Price

With Free Shipping

Only $59.00

Now Only

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Basic 2 channel EFIE


Works on (2) sensors

Only $59.00

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              Dry Cell Kits and Dry Cells

Next Generation

Dry Cells kits Are Here




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All New

HD-Stainless Steel Dry Cell

No Plastic Side Plates





Must Have Hydrogen Boosting Electronics


* Must Have *

Map Enhancer


Works on most cars and trucks


In Stock

Only $29.95

More Info


* New *
Must Have

Max Scanner
Less than the Scan Gauge2


Will Scan Up to 75 gauges from your OBD2 Port


All O2 Sensor
(Wide Band or Standard)

(MAP), (IAT), (TPS) and Many More

Will Show Your Current MPG

Includes Window Mount

Only $89.95

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100 Amp Relay


More Info


* New for 2012*

Dongle for transmitting Instantaneous MPG
To your smart phone

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New Lower Price

Digital Amp Gauge

100 amp shunt included

Now Only $29.00

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50-80 amp relay

With extra large spade connectors

OBD2 Scanner
Works like
The Scan Gauge 2

More Info

Water Bottle






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