* All Stainless Steel (316L) HHO Cell! *
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Digital EFIE


4 Channel

Digital EFIE

Can't get these on Ebay

*New Item*

In stock Now

No Amp Gauge

40 Amp
Constant Current

Without Amp Gauge

100 Amp Relay!


with amp gauge
2 cooling fans
frequency adjustable

No Constant


Free Shipping


35 amp


with fan

New low price


Is This You?

40 AMP
Constant Current

Can Be Preset
For any Current Level From 10-40 Amps

Can Also Be Adjusted By The End User


Basic 50 Amp PWM
With Frequency Adjust

New low Price


Mini Amp Gauge

With 100 Amp Shunt

New Lower Price

Only $29.95

Green Only


30 Amp PWM

For Small Cells

USA Oil Policy

Solid Steel HHO Cell


* NEW *

"The Brick Cell"
Heavy Duty HHO Cell





Tired of cells that leak?

Try the all new Brick Cell.



100% encased.
Leaking is virtually impossible.


This is a massive 9" X 6" X 4" cell
made from a unique process which prevents cracking.


Very efficient and built to run at 25-30 amps.


This Cell is large and will need a mounting bracket.


The Brick Cell cost is $429.95

which is almost 1/2 the price HydrogenGarage.com
for the same exact cell.


We recommend this cell for all V-8's and SUV's.



Output is 1.5-2 LPM of HHO


*This is the Cell only, not a complete kit*


Ships Just Like The Pic Above



The Brick Cell

Shipping is $10.95
In the USA

Only $429.95




30 day return on un-used cells only.
Buyer pays all shipping fees for refund.

1 year replacement warranty

If The Brick Cell leaks, cracks or warps,
we will replace the cell at no cost to you.
Buyer pays shipping to us.







Also Available:

40 Amp Constant
Current Without
Amp Gauge
40 Amp Constant
Current With
Onboard Current
40 Amp Constant
Current With
Onboard Current
Adjustment And
Amp Gauge























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