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Deluxe 30 amp PWM

  Free Shipping



65 Amp PWM

Power On

Heavy Duty
80 Amp PWM !

Frequency Adjustable

Extra Heavy Duty
120 amp PWM

Make up to
10 LPM

1 Channel
EFIE Deluxe

Easy To Install


Assembled EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better Gas Mileage

2 Channel
EFIE Deluxe

Works on V-8s


New KOH safe
1 -6 Quart
water tanks

In stock

Better Spark Plugs


30 Amp PWM


Now Frequency Adjustable


Heavy Duty 80 Amp
Pulse Width Modulator
With Frequency Adjustment


   This is our 80 amp heavy duty PWM..

A PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) is used to control the amount of HHO that our boosters produce and can make any booster produce 2-3 times more monotomic hydrogen than just using direct current. Also, most HHO cells will run cooler and draw less current with a PWM than just using direct current alone.

This PWM comes with very large mosfet transistors.

These Mosfets cost 10-20 times more than a cheap transistor but we wanted a part that would last for years and be easy to service for our customers.
Shipping weight of 1 Mosfet - 28 grams! Shipping weight of the mosfet used on the 30 amp PWM - 4 grams.

Our 80 amp heavy duty PWM will handle almost any HHO cell and is rated for over 900 watts this means you can make up to 7LPM of clean burning HHO with this pulse width modulator.

This 80 amp PWM also comes with a remote power on feature which eliminates the need to use a relay when connecting your cell. This makes for a nice clean installation.

The 80 amp PWM circuit controls the duty ratio from 0% to 100%. The output current is rated at 200 amps peak and 80 amps continuous current!

Note: When using a booster that draws 40 amps of current using a PWM set at 50% that is the RMS value, not the peak value.
The peak value is about 80 amps.


* Supply Voltage: 10-18 VDC (Remote Power Wire)
* Output Current: 0 - 80 amps continuous RMS
* Max output Current
: Rated for over 200 amps peak!
* Max output Voltage
: Rated for 36VDC

* Duty ratio: Can be set from 0% to 100%
* 2 - 30 mm ball bearing cooling fans
* Calibrated gradient pulse width dial 0-100%
   (Just like the 120)
* Frequency Adjustable from aprox 250Hz - 10,000 Hz
* Power switch with LED (Not shown, Just like the 120)
* Remote power on terminal (1 amp max current draw)
* All aluminum case (8x6x3)
* Mounting tabs
* Shipping weight approx 4 Lb

Included with each PWM

4 - #4 gauge ring terminals included
(6-8 gauge also available)
1 made in USA 80 amp fuse and fuse block with mounting tabs
Wiring diagram


* Assembled in USA By Hydrogen Boost Now.
* 1 year unlimited warranty.
* Free Shipping in the USA *

Assembled and Tested

80 amp PWM With Frequency adjustment Fuse and Free Shipping

No Longer Available
To be replaced with the new
75 amp Digital PWM with Automatic Current Control

Only $229.00


Shipping time 1-2 weeks



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