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Deluxe EFIE

Free Shipping

Can Be Turned Off & On With Your Booster

New Lower Price

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Assembled EFIE

Basic 2 Channel

New Lower Price

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120 Amp PWM !

The Largest PWM
Any ware on the net


The first wide band EFIE in the world

Wide Band
2 channel EFIE !

Works on imports with wide band sensors!


More Info

Basic EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better Gas Mileage


50 amp PWM with digital amp gauge

Will run 2-3 dry cells

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*New *

The Dry Cell
is here



35 amp PWM

With Frequency Adjustment

More Info

30 Amp PWM


Deluxe 50 Amp PWM

* Classic *

50-55 amp PWM

Strong and reliable

Note: This is not a Constant Current PWM
If you want Constant Current please buy The 40 amp PWM

This Pulse Width Modulator is best for bench testing or large HHO Cells




This is the Max 50-55 Amp 12-24 volt PWM
This PWM has frequency adjustment from 300-3,000Hz

The Max 55 amp heavy duty PWM will run 3 HHO cells at 15-18 amps each or 1 large cell at up to 55 amps.

This PWM is built rock solid with 6 output transistors and extra heavy duty wire reinforced circuit board traces.

Just what large dry cells need.



This new box comes with a gradient label, so setting up your cell has never been easier.
Simply remove the top and connect the power wire and load and set the dials to the green range.
*You will need to add a 50-100 amp relay*






In stock

Now Only $119.0

30 day sale $99.95

* Free Shipping Inside the USA*
Wire diagram included


50 amp PWM with box, fans + free shipping
In the USA

Only $99.95

Lot of (2) 50 amp PWM's with box, fans +
free shipping
in the USA

$Only $189.95

50 amp PWM
with box, fans +

World Wide shipping

Only $119.95


30 Day Warranty

If this HD- PWM fails within 30 days, we will replace it at no cost to you.

You will need to pay for shipping to us.
You must use a fuse to protect the PWM.
We will not replace the PWM if you connect the + and - wires backwards
and burn out the reversing diodes.




* Supply Voltage: 12-24 VDC
* Fans are wired for 12-24 VDC
* Output Current: 0 - 55 amps continuous RMS
* Output Current: Rated at 90+ amps peak!
* Duty ratio: Can be set from 0% to 100%
* Frequency Adjustable from approximately 300 - 3,000 Hz
* Frequency can be fixed at 100Hz (dip switch)
* Two - 60 mm ball bearing cooling fans
* Extra heavy duty wire reinforced circuit board traces
* Box Size= 6 x 4.5 x 2.5 not including mounting flange
* Weight = almost 1.5 pounds


This is the circuit board for our 50 amp PWM




















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