* ALL NEW 50 AMP Pulse Width Modulators * Works great for hydrogen boosting * We now have 6 different PWMs to chose from * Make More HHO With A Pulse Width Modulator *
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80 Amp PWM !

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120 amp PWM

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30 Amp PWM


50 Amp PWM With Frequency Adjustment



Heavy Duty 50 Amp
Pulse Width Modulator
With Frequency Adjustment
2 cooling fans and a
30 day exchange warranty!


   This is the classic 50 amp heavy duty PWM
  This PWM will run 3 HHO cells at 13-16 amps each

The 50 amp PWM is great for large cells or bench testing

A PWM (Pulse Width Modulator) is used to control the amount of HHO that our boosters produce and can make any booster produce 2-3 times more monotomic hydrogen than just using direct current. Also, most HHO cells will run cooler with a PWM than just using direct current alone.

This PWM comes with 6 mosfet transistors.

This 50 amp heavy duty PWM will handle most any HHO cell and is rated for over 900 watts. This means you can make up to 4LPM of clean burning HHO with this pulse width modulator.

Note: This is not a Constant Current PWM!


* Supply Voltage: 8-30 VDC
* (fans are rated for 12-18 VDC)
* Fans can be wired for 24-30 VDC (send us E-mail)
* Output Current: 0 - 50 amps continuous RMS
* Output Current
: Rated at 90+ amps peak!
* Duty ratio: Can be set from 0% to 100%

* Frequency Adjustable from aprox 250 - 3,000 Hz
* Frequency can be fixed at 100Hz (dip Switch)
* 2 - 30 mm ball bearing cooling fans

* Red power LED
* 12 spade connectors

* Heavy duty wire reinforced circuit board traces
* 2 free knobs included

*New lower price*
Was $99.95
Now Only

USA Shipping
HD-50 amp PWM

with 2 fans 2 knobs
and 7 spade connectors


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$15.99 each
HD-50 amp PWM
with 2 fans 2 knobs
and 7 spade connectors






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