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Digital EFIE


4 Channel

Digital EFIE

Can't get these on Ebay

*New Item*

In stock Now

No Amp Gauge

40 Amp
Constant Current

Without Amp Gauge

Only $79.95

100 Amp Relay!

Only $19.95


with amp gauge
2 cooling fans
frequency adjustable

No Constant



Free Shipping


35 amp


with fan

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Is This You?

40 AMP
Constant Current

Can Be Preset
For any Current Level From 10-40 Amps

Only 79.95

Can Also Be Adjusted By The End User


Basic 50 Amp PWM
With Frequency Adjust

New low Price

Only $89.95


Mini Amp Gauge

With 100 Amp Shunt

New Lower Price

Only $29.95

Green Only


30 Amp PWM

For Small Cells

USA Oil Policy

40 Amp Constant Current PWM


* NEW 7-01-2011*

40 Amp

Constant Current PWM

Without Amp Gauge

Only $79.95


This is the all new Constant Current PWM

Made by Hydrogen Boost Now.Com

Works Great On Dry Cells Between 13-27 plates


Just Set It And Forget It



You don't need a amp gauge with a constant current PWM

Just set the knob to the current that you want and that's it.

Current will stay within 1 amp of set point at 30 amps


This PWM is easy to use and will..

Prevent thermal runaway,

Improve cold starting times,

Produce more monotomic hydrogen,

Improve the efficiency and the life span of your Dry Cell



What Is A Constant Current Pulse Width Modulator?

A constant current PWM will automatically adjust the pulse width from the PWM

so that it will output a constant level of current regardless of how large the load is.


In other words, set this PWM to 30 amps and the current will always be 30 amps (RMS).

This compensates for:

Voltage changes in the charging system,

Temperature changes in your cell,

Different levels of KOH in your cell.


This makes it much easier to set up your cell and the end user is less likely to

to add too much KOH and burn out fuses,

pop circuit breakers, or melt down the cell and wires.





This PWM has many new features:


..........* Constant Current... Current stays within .5 - 1 amp of set point (average)
..........* A remote port for a dash mounted water light and power switch (Not available until 2012)
..........* Very strong, easy to use bolt on connectors rated at 60+ amps

..........* Extra thick circuit board and large mosfet transistors

..........* Internal fan to keep the PWM cool but also helps keeps water out

..........* Frequency adjustable in the range that works best for the Dry Cell (75Hz-1,500Hz)

..........* 12 Volt switched output for an EFIE or other computer controlled device (For remote)

..........* High peak power rating for large Dry Cells (This PWM was tested with a 60 amp load)
..........* PWM will power on and off without a relay (we recommend to always use a relay for safety)

..........* Two pages instructions to help with installing and cell setup

......... * Professionally assembled with surface mount and through hole parts, no hand soldering
......... * Full 90 day warranty



Is It Time To Up Grade From Your Old PWM
To A New Constant Current PWM?


100's In stock

Only $79.95

All PWM's include

2 Ring Connectors
1 Spade Connectors

6" Shrink Tubing
2 Pages of Instructions



40 Amp
Constant Current PWM
Without Amp Gauge



Ring Connector







For Custom Logo You Must buy 2 PWM's


50 or 100 Amp Relay

With Connectors

Select Relay


Not Made In China Wire Kit


50 Amp Marine Grade Wire Kit + Shrink Tubing and 4 Ring Connectors

Relay And Wire

Must Be Purchased With Our PWM



90 Day Warranty

If this PWM fails within 90 days, we will replace it at no cost to you.
You will need to pay for shipping to us.

You must use a fuse to protect the PWM.
We will not replace the PWM if you connect the + and
- wires backwards or connect the PWM to a load greater than 60 amps.


This PWM is built rock solid and is very easy to use

Every unit is Pre-tested and calibrated using a 60 amp Dry Cell

Shipping takes 2-4 days by priority mail


* Supply Voltage: 10-15 VDC
* Output Current: 10 - 40 amps continuous RMS
* Peak continuous load is 60 amps (tested)
* Duty cycle or pulse width: Automatically adjusting from 10% to 100%
* Frequency: On board adjustable from approximately 75Hz - 1,500 Hz
* Efficiency with a 30 amp load better than 98%
* Cooling fan is rated for 12-15 VDC
Output Mosfets are rated for more than 100 amps each
* 7/16 bolt on connectors rated for 60 amps
* Circuit board traces rated at 65 amps peak or 45 amps continuous
* Box Size 4.7" x 3.25" x 2" not including mounting flange
* Weight = less than 1 pound


40 Amp PWM Without Amp Gauge


Need an Amp Gauge?

Try The 40 Amp Constant Current With Bright Blue Amp Gauge


The sensitive electronics have been covered with potting compound

to prevent water damage and to prevent copying.

This circuit board is copyrighted © by AZ-Hybrid


Also Available:

40 Amp Constant
Current Without
Amp Gauge
40 Amp Constant
Current With
Onboard Current
40 Amp Constant
Current With
Onboard Current
Adjustment And
Amp Gauge


Buyer Beware


Some of the other constant current PWM's on the market
are based on a flawed design floating around on the internet.
This flawed design was posted back in 1998.


This old design does not use true pulse width modulation and can waste

as much as 50% of the energy that is passing through the PWM .

Only true pulse width modification can pass large amounts of current without overheating.

Unfortunately, this flawed design can be made at home so there are many out there.


The old design easy to recognize.


It uses a very large Pentium heat sink and fan.

Most come in a metal box with a large fan.

The large heat sink is needed because of all the power wasted when in current limiting mode.

This unit gets very hot and is only good for small loads.


We did not use this old design.


Our PWM uses only true Pulse Width Modification and at 30 amps, is over 98% efficient.

Our PWM makes very little heat. This is why we can use a plastic box.

At loads less than 30 amps, this PWM needs no fan at all.

The fan is there for loads between 30 to 60 amps.





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