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120 Amp PWM !

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Better Spark Plugs

30 Amp PWM


60 Amp Analog Flame Gauge

* NEW *


60 Amp Analog Flame Gauge





This is a standard 60 amp gauge with a back light and mounting bracket.


We recommend using this gauge with cells that use 30-35 amps continuous current or less. You can also use the gauge with a PWM.
This amp gauge works well with 8 - 10 gauge wire.



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Sale Price: $17.99

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1 - 60 amp Flame Gauge with free shipping


Lot of (3) 60 amp Flame Gauges with free shipping


1 - 60 amp Flame Gauge with World Wide shipping




30 day warranty:

If this amp gauge fails within 30 days, we will replace it at no cost to you.
You will need to pay for shipping to us.

Shipping Time 1 week

This item will be shipped USPS without a tracking number.

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