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30 amp Max

With Box and FAN

Heavy Duty PWM

65 Amp PWM

No Relay Needed

50 Amp PWM
With amp Gauge

2 Quiet Fans


80 Amp PWM

Adjustable frequency and Remote turn on

40 Amp
Constant Current

Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better Gas Mileage


50 Amp


100 amp
Digital Amp Gauge

With 100 amp shunt


Basic 30 Amp PWM

works great on small cells



Over 500 Sold

Clasic Max 067 PWM

This HD-PWM will meet the needs of most all single and double cells used for hydrogen boosting and is made to be superior to the popular 30 amp Max 066 PWM.

This PWM is NOT a Constant Current PWM


* Frequency adjustment 100 Hz fixed or 300-3,000 Hz adjustable
* More powerful output transistors
* 8 on board male spade connectors for better power transfer
* Larger heat sinks
* Wire re-enforced circuit board traces
* Larger mosfet pre driver
* Power LED
* Wide operating range 8-30 volts
* Note: (fan is rated for 10-18 volts)

With a Pulse Width Modulator, your HHO booster will run cooler and make more monoatomic hydrogen than just using direct current alone. 

Monatomic hydrogen has a greater ability to increase fuel mileage than diatomic (REG) hydrogen.

With a PWM you can use a slightly stronger electrolight (KOH) this will prevent freezing

This unit is fully tested and ready to be installed Guaranteed No DOA
30 day warranty:

If this HD- PWM fails within 30 days, we will replace it at no cost to you. You will need to pay for shipping to us.
We will not replace the PWM if you connect the + and - wires backwards and burn out the reversing diode.

35 H-D PWM with Fan and knob

Only $59.00
Now Only $39.95


(1) 35 HD PWM
with Fan, 2 knobs

Only $39.95

 Shipping is $4.75

(1) 35 HD PWM with fan
World Wide Shipping

Only $55.95


Lot of 3

35 amp PWM's
With fans and knobs

Only $120.00
With free shipping
in the USA






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