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Electronics & Parts

65 Amp PWM

Freq Adjustable

120 Amp PWM !

Now With Automatic
Variable Output Control (VOC)

Scan Gauge

A must have


Smart O2 Monitor
U-Build It Kit

Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge


Assembled EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

Get Better gas Mileage


Replace the
Computer Chip
In Your Car


Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge

Fully Assembled


Better Spark Plugs


30 Amp PWM


HD Alternators




Now You Can Buy 200-225 Amp
Alternators That Will Allow
You To Make More HHO
Than Ever Before


This is the hot ticket for Hydrogen Boosting

Simply buy a bigger alternator

A 200-225 Amp alternator will provide much more current than a stock alternator and allow you to make
as much as 8-10 liters per minute of HHO without doing major modifications to your vehicle.

Some 200 amp alternators will mount right up to your existing alternator mounts and are readily available for most all vehicles.

E bay Link for H-D alternators

Link to Autozone 200 amp alternator

Larger mounting brackets are also available for most vehicles if you need to replace your old ones.

These guys have everything, but are spendy.

Zena High output alternators

Because of warranty, we do not sell HD alternators. It is best to buy one yourself, that way you will have the warranty that comes with your new alternator.

Most dealers have everything you need to upgrade to a 200 amp alternator.

It's nice to know that the device that is responsible for running your new Hydrogen Boosters can now come with a lifetime warranty.

With these HD alternators, you can make between 90-120 amps of extra current available just to run your Hydrogen Booster.

This is how you can get 30-50 MPG with a V-8

The Hot Ticket

* One large Made in USA V-8
* One 200-225 amp alternator
* One Two channel EFIE deluxe
* 2-3 M-8 Clean Cells

To achieve an increase of 50-100%+ in gas mileage, we recommend 3/4 - 1 LPM of HHO gas for every liter of engine size.

5 liter engine= 3-5 LPM of HHO

















Economy Cell


Booster Kit

Pro Map Manipulator

Adjust your MAP and/
or your MAF

The M-2 Booster

Easy to install

The M-4 Booster

non stock
The Extreme

M-8 Booster

In stock

8 Gauge Wire

4 Gauge
Install Kit

With 120 amp

100 amp Solid
State Relay

Should last forever
Very hard to find

12 Volt Solenoid

Stainless steel

02 Extender

Fix that check engine light
Get better gas mileage

1-3 PSI Vacuum Switch

3 amp rated
gold contacts

In stock



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