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Preset 40 Amp Constant Current



This PWM Can Be Preset to any Current Level Between 10-40 Amps


With or Without Digital Amp Gauge

In Stock

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35 Amp
Heavy Duty PWM
With Box, Fan
and Frequency Adjust


Lots of 3 or more Available

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Heavy Duty
65 Amp PWM

With Remote
Power On

80 Amp PWM !

Makes up to 7 LPM

Now With
Remote Power on

Extra Heavy Duty
120 amp PWM

Can Make Up
To 10 LPM of HHO



* New *

100 Amp
Digital Amp Gauge

Cool Green display



30 amp PWM

In Stock


2 Channel EFIE

In Stock

* New *
Low Price

Basic EFIE
Trick your O2 Sensor

In stock

Don't let this
happen to you

Buy a
Hydrogen Booster



Save Up To 100% in Fuel Cost



News 2017

Stanley Meyers Cell Working!




All Time Best Seller


40 Amp
Constant Current PWM

With Digital Amp Gauge

Only $99.00

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Hydrogen Boost Now

Specialize in electronics for
hydrogen on demand systems



Make Your Car a Hybrid
With a Hydrogen Booster

Our goal at Hydrogen Boost Now.Com is to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and to improve the air quality worldwide by using high-efficiency hydrogen on demand systems (Boosters).

Hydrogen Boosting can help most cars and trucks reduce their emissions by as much as 40-50%.
You can also reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 100%
(20-40% is normal).

Hopefully, someday we can replace gasoline completely by just making hydrogen on demand!

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Hydrogen on demand:

This simply means creating hydrogen while you are driving to supplement the fuel you are already using. Adding hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO) to the intake of your engine will allow your vehicle to burn more of the fuel you are already using thus giving you better fuel mileage more power and much lower emissions.

Hydrogen Boosters are easy to install and most mechanics can install them in about 1-2 hours.

Some cars will achieve as much as a 100% increase in fuel savings by adding a large booster and a few other small components such as better spark plugs, an EFIE, and/or a MAP device or a Volo chip.

If we do not carry the products here at Hydrogen Boost Now, we will provide a link so you can purchase the products elsewhere.

Please feel free to browse around our web site. There is lots of information here. Make sure to visit the All Products page.


The Hot Ticket

How To Get Better Gas Mileage

We Now recommend to re flash your ECU first if you can.
See computer controls

(1) Reprogram your ECU with a hand held programmer (Gain 1-3 MPG)

(2) Buy or make a Hydrogen Booster 1-3 LPM (Gain 10-100% MPG)

(3) Add a EFIE device
or MAP (some will need to do this)

Note: A (MAP) Manipulator is for making large changes to the air fuel ratio

That's it.... Buy a lot less gas



We use American products when available.
Most of the materials we purchase are made here in the United States. Of course, some of the electronics are made abroad.



PWM HHO Hydrogen Booster 30 Amp PWM Digital PWM

Pulse Width Modulator Pulse Width Modulator Dry Cell Hydrogen Cell

Hydrogen Booster

Save gas with Hydrogen boost now Save gas with Hydrogen-boost-nowSave gas with Hydrogen boost


New 2017

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Just Buy A Programmed
Fire TV 4k Box

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35 Amp HD
With Fan


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New Lower Price

6 transistor
50 amp PWM
with 2 fans

30 day warranty

Makes 4+ LPM
of clean burning


Dry Cells
Are Here

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OBD2 Scanner
And Software

Will Show Your Current MPG and
O2 Sensor Voltage
On Your Phone

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Must Have

OBD2 Dongle

OBD2 Info
Your Android Phone

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100 AMP Relay

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Stan Meyer

Stans Youtube videos keep getting removed so here are some new ones 11/01/2015


1992 Global Sciences Congress-30 min


Stanley Meyer 1992 Interview-30 min


Water Fuel Cell Lecture
old video, Part 1


Original Meyer Water Fuel Cell
old video 1990

Heavy Duty
50-80 amp

With 3/8 Spade

In Stock


60 Amp Flame

02 Extender

Fix that check engine light
Get better gas mileage

Better Spark Plugs




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